Welcome to theWikis for Beginners Space!

Contact Ryan Schubart @ for more information on creating and customizing a wiki!

New Pages
  • to be able to define a wiki
  • to recognize the benefits of wikis for students and teachers
  • to become familiar with the basic commands for creating a wikispace
  • to develop a use for the wikispace in your classroom.


Question: Discuss with a partner how you might use a wiki in your class. Share your answer at the bottom of the page.


Guided Activity:

Create Your Own Wiki with (a walkthrough)

Activity 1

  • Click on the Discussion tab above and answer the questions below. Be sure the subject of your post is " Activity 1, DATE - Lastname, Firstname."
    1. What is read/write web?
    2. What is a wiki?
    3. What do these things mean for you and your students?
    4. Why are we here?

What to know about Wikispaces:
  1. You can reate and/or join multiple Wikispaces with a single account (permissions: private, protected, or public)
  2. Each Space can have many pages
  3. Wiki toolbars and page aids are located at the top
  4. Request membership to this wiki ( View dashboard for further assistance.
  5. Alter the look of your new wiki by using the "Manage Wiki" options (Look and Feel / Permissions / Invite Members / etc.)
  6. You can modify colors and theme (optional: add logo)
  7. Discuss and try:
    1. add text and modify font styles
    2. add links to external web sites and new "subpages"
    3. add tables
    4. add widgets
    5. copy and paste from Microsoft Word and use tables for easier formatting
    6. edit navigation toolbar - modify it
  8. Tips and Hints:
    1. History
    2. Discussion
    3. Wikispaces email
    4. Projects feature
    5. The "THIS IS NOT YOUR Facebook PAGE!" discussion to have with students
    7. Creating user accounts for students and "The PAHS Method!"

Closure Activity:

Share Your Own Wiki
  • Click on the Discussion tab above and answer the questions below. Be sure the subject of your post is "Closure Activity, DATE - Lastname, Firstname."After the PDP session, explore your classmates' evaluations. Reply to their posts.
    1. What is the URL of your wiki?
    2. What is a basic description of your wiki? Include such elements as grade level, subject area, or other educational purpose.
    3. Who is the intended audience for the wiki and what should they get out of it?
    4. What is one obstacle or issue you anticipated and how have you addressed it?
    5. What future plans do you have for your wiki?
  • Sign up for Advanced Wikis on December 8, 2011 to learn how to take your wiki to the next level.

  1. Incorporating surveys
  2. Widgets
  3. CoolText
  4. Scrolling Marquees
  5. CoveritLive
  6. Calendars
  7. Time Stamps
  8. Project Feature
  9. Glogster Poster

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