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Monster Project Collaboration (A worldwide project. Shelton Park Elementary School classes participated in 2009 under the direction of Marie Booz and Cathy Bowler)
WikisWork: Examples of Elementary Classroom Wikis (Links to many successful elementary wikis)
Wikis in the K-5 Classroom (More links to many successful elementary wikis)

Middle School
VB Middle School's LMC Wikispace (Developed by Joanne Pruett. Check out the VBMS Digital Stories page!)
Carbon Fighters (Problem-solution essay writing while studying issues related to alternative energy and the use of fossil fuels. But where are the student products?)
Durant Road Middle School Wikis (A collection of the wikis used at this middle school, including one for math, science, language arts, and social studies)

High School
English Teacher's Wikispace (Links to some collaborative projects for which this teacher has used a Wikispace.)
History Teacher's Wikispace (Check out the world simulations project developed by his 1A, 4A, 1B, and 3B classes.)
Horizon Project (A collaborative project between high school students in five different countries who were developing a vision of what classrooms of the future might look like after studying the 2007 Horizon Report released by the New Media Consortium and Educase.)
Yet Another English Teacher's Wiki (He uses this as a space to organize all of his teaching materials.)

For Teachers
Cogdogroo (50 Ways to Tell A Story: Digital Storytelling)
Joyce Valenza's Teacher Librarian Wiki (She's pretty amazing...)
Stay Current (A site created by teachers in the same school who collaborate with one another on this wiki.)
NewTools Workshop (Highlights Web 2.0 tools)