Here are some examples of ways to use wikis in educational settings.
Please feel free to add your own ideas!

·Organization of teaching resources for teacher, student, and parent access, including Microsoft Office documents, images, You Tube and Discovery Education Streaming videos, online surveys, calendars, slideshows, etc.·Individual student pages as portfolios of digital work, such as Photo Stories, Movie Maker projects, Audacity audio files, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
·Teacher collaboration by grade level / subject
·Literature circles
·Collaborative student group projects
·Collaborative review (ex: create study guides; "What I Think Will Be On The Test" collaborative page for high-stakes exams)
·Vocabulary lists, developed by students
·Collection of sample model products
·Real world connections (student-generated examples of connections of class topics to real world experiences)
·Distance-learning coordination (connect with classrooms in other cities, states, or countries!)
·Audio or video sharing from field trips or special class events
·FAQs (students can generate the questions as well as the answers)
·Suggested reading lists (developed by students, with titles, authors, and brief summaries)
·Extracurricular activity coordination (clubs, organizations, etc.)
·And many more at Teachers First's Wikis Walk-Through Site